Volunteering on Myfinder app

Myfinder AI app helps users identify scenes, text, and objects and navigates them towards what they are looking for. Myfinder AI can't compete with human eye accuracy, and that is where our users need your help. Once you log in as a volunteer and turn on your availability, you will start getting a notification when a user needs your help.

Getting a notification to take a call doesn't automatically mean that you will receive it. Our algorithm favours the blind user and tried to connect them as soon as possible, so whomever of the volunteers is the quickest to respond to the notification is the one who gets to help. So keep your phone close during the times when you are available to take the calls.

The user's flashlight turns on automatically when it's dark so you can still see what's around them.


  • Give clear directions if you can not see through the camera lens properly
  • Be patient and calmly direct the individual on the other end of the line to which direction to point so that you can better assist them.
  • If you feel like you cannot help the person, please let them know gently and quit the call.
  • Share the app and your experience in your circle of friends and family; we love having more good people in our team.
  • Alert the emergencies or us on our direct line found below if the individual is in danger.


  • Don't be rude, loud or verbally abusive when the individual doesn't understand you
  • Don't share private information about yourself or ask the other person to do so
  • Don't discriminate against others based on their gender, race, age or sexual orientation
  • Don't take calls when under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Happy volunteering :)